David Choi
David Choi, JD
President | CEO at YE Media Group
David H. Choi is a multilingual business development executive with a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree and more than 20 years of legal and multimedia business development experience. Many of his accomplishments as a media business developer has opened new doors for ethnic media programming and also for US based media platforms, including radio, television, satellite and mobile. David's accomplishments in structuring media deals had no prior blue prints as many of these deals were unique and in many cases the first of their kind. David has extensive experience in bridging the media gap between South Korea, the US, and multimedia platforms, and then structuring business models to monetize them. David's forte is that with his legal background, he is able to structure deals that are sound both from a financial and legal perspective to maximize profitability and minimize liability. Most recently, David has started the AAX Media - Asian-American eXchange Media. It is the first non-profit media platform (TV/Radio/Digital/Festival) dedicated to advancing AAPI. AAX Media endeavors to become the united voice of the AAPI. David is a firm believer that consistency, dedication, loyalty and creativity will bring positive results that will consistently grow a business.