CARE Ambassador Program

CARE Ambassador Program

What is the CARE Ambassador Program?

The CARE Ambassador program is a volunteer opportunity by the CARE Registry, open to high school students, college students, and recent undergrad graduates.

Participating as a CARE Ambassador will help leverage community connections and assist the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities to increase research participation and representation. Working as a CARE Ambassador will foster new learning experiences including hosting virtual events, in-person tabling, and more depending on your capacity. CARE Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to gain skills in community outreach, data management, research, ethics, and team collaboration. 

At the end of the ambassadorship, CARE Ambassadors will receive a certificate to showcase their completion of making a change in their communityas well as gained knowledge from our online training. 

Meet the Ambassador Staff


Nicole Phan

Nicole Phan (she/her)

Programming Committee

Emily Dang

Emily Dang (she/her)

Secretary | Publicity Chair

Chandra Chak

Chandra Chak (she/her)

Administrative Chair | Programming Committee

Kezia Macasa

Kezia Macasa (she/her)

Events Coordinator | Programming Committee

Helena Tan

Helena Tan (she/her)

Publicity Chair | Administrative Chair

Kalei Yang

Kalei Yang (she/her)

Ambassador Coordinator | Events Coordinator


Meet Our Ambassadors


CARE Ambassadors


Ambassador Outreach Events

2023 Nikkei Matsuri

2022 Crack the Wellness Code

Brandon Video

Matthew Spotlight

2022 Chuseok

2022 FAHM Jam

2022 Jeepney Jam