Rejie Marie Baloyos, MA

Rejie Marie Baloyos, MA
Rejie Marie Baloyos, MA
Interim Executive Director
Asian Resources, Inc.
6270 Elder Creek Road,
Sacramento, CA 95824
Rejie Marie Baloyos is a Filipino immigrant who has dedicated herself to making significant contributions to serving people of color, low-income groups, victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, and underserved communities. Before joining Asian Resources, Inc. (A.R.I.), Ms. Baloyos dedicated her efforts to working with My Sister's House, a local nonprofit organization providing support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Her commitment to advocacy led her to become a recognized DOJ Accredited Representative, where she represents humanitarian immigration cases at the USCIS. In recognition of her outstanding work, the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV.) honored her with the Advocate of the Year award in 2015. Ms. Baloyos has played an integral role within ARI. She previously served as the Site Director for both the ARI Headquarters and the Job Center. Her exceptional leadership was evident during her tenure at the Job Center, as she guided the center to become the top-performing job center in Sacramento County under the SETA program. As the Interim Executive Director, Ms. Baloyos assumes the responsibility of providing general oversight for the entire program, including Refugee Support Services. Her expertise and guidance ensure the smooth and successful operation of the program as a whole. She is a proud COROFellow through the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy and a Leadership Education & Advancement Professional (LEAP) Fellow through VALORUS. Ms. Baloyos holds an M.A. in International and Multicultural Education with an emphasis on Human Rights from the University of San Francisco, as well as a Bachelor of Secondary Education from the Philippines.